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Residential Facilities

With SPH Prefab containers on Residential housing projects, our clients will have the option to customize the interior design based on their preferences. Depending on the dimensions of the prefab container purchased, clients can decide the aesthetics of both the interior and exterior of the prefab house,

Academic Facilities

Our SPH containers can also be used for academic facilities, these are mostly used as a contingent solution and not a long term academic facility. The facilities can include classroom, staff office amongst many others.

Commercial Facilities

To ensure retail businesses too get access to affordable and quick assembled retail shops, SPH offers prefab containers designed to handle retail businesses. The containers can be designed as a complex, unitary shopping units and cafes or mini restaurants. designed as a complex, unitary 

Healthcare Facilities

For the purpose of promoting the medical industry and the efforts initiate by the ministry of health, SPH also designs quick assembled medical clinics which can be used in remote areas where medical services aren’t easily accessible.

Office Facilities

Our premises containers can also be used to construct office premises. The office premises will have the aesthetics and design chosen by the clients themselves. And the full premises may include, multiple offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, WC and conference rooms.nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Construction Campsites

As expenditure on temporary housing for labourers can be problematic, we also provide foldable containers containers and quick assembled containers for these specific situations. But not only for a accommodation purposes, 

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Following 3 active years of dedicated service delivery since its foundation, SPH as a company has been able to establish itself as a pioneer and a trusted partner. Our commitment to consistent service delivery has been the backbone of our growth, which over the years has allowed us to serve over 70+ organization both Private and Public in Tanzania, and we pride ourselves in retaining our clients. Our company is a unique blend of talented individuals and partners from various disciplines including Design & Installation of Prefabricated Housing, Manufacture of Furnitures, Supplying of Personal Protective Equipment, Industrial Equipments and Spare Parts, Agro Business and Tele Agency. Our company along with our partners, is dedicated to fulfil our individual customers’ requirements. We have expanded our capabilities, network and product range.


Some of our

Prefab Projects

Geita Gold Mining Prefab Project

Name of Client: Geita Gold Mining

Geita Gold Mining Prefab Project

Name of Client: Geita Gold Mining

Unicef Zanzibar Prefab Project

Name of Client: Unicef Zanzibar

Songas Prefab Projects

Name of Client: Songas Limited

Office And Storage Facility Prefab Project

Name Of Client: Voltech Product & Service (Sub Contractor) SGR

Office Facilities Prefab Project

Name Of Client: Thomas Benade International Limited

Office Facilities Prefab Project

Name Of The Client: I.K Andersen Contractors Limited

Premium Customised Office Space Prefab Project

Name Of The Client: Songas Limited